About US

About US

Over 30 Years Experience in This Industry

A certificate attesting our compliance with the regulations of the Label National de l'Artisant du Maroc 'Morocco Handmade'


Our story begins in the early 1970s when the godfather of our company began his first steps in the field of woodcrafting as a craftsman and sculptor. Gradually, our history has grown to finally create the craft center of Essaouira in the early 2000. We are now the most important company of its kind in Morocco. We are located in the heart of Essaouira, the moroccan city that specializes in marquetry on the Thuya wood.

Today, the craft center of Essaouira is a manufacturer and reputable retailer that specializes in traditional and modern furniture and accessories. Always looking to provide a quality product, the center aims always to offer to customers an exceptional experience.

Thuya wood:

The Thuya is a wood of the Cupressaceae family that is found in large numbers in North America. The particularity of the Moroccan Thuya wood is that it grows in dry and wild regions. Its tree can have up to 3 m in length, and has a root which can weigh up to 100 kg. The wood of this tree has two different colors depending on the part of the tree:

  • The tree trunk is light brown;
  • The root is dark and mottled brown.



We are specialized in handcrafted Thuya wood. Our craftsmen work locally in our workshops. The great work is done partly by hand with simple tools (hammer, chisel...). Our marquetry specialists decorate the items with other types of wood including satinwood, mahogany, walnut, ebony etc... They also use aluminum wires, copper, silver, yellow gold and pearls. Each craftsman begins by drawing patterns on the item to be decorated, and then he cuts the patterns one by one before inlaying them of wood glue. When finished, he passes the article to another craftsman specialized in grooming and varnish. All these steps are also made by hand only, which gives a unique craft appearance for each manufactured item.


We also work on demand, and according to customer requests, we can use other kinds of wood to make items. According to the customer's request, we evaluate the demand and give a tax and an estimated time for manufacturing the requested item.


Our commitment to customers is reflected in the use of high quality wood. Thus, we are commited to use dry wood, parboiled by natural and effective methods to prevent the wood getting worn out in the future.

We are constantly developing effective methods for optimizing the use of wood. This allows us to reduce the loss of wood and therefore the preservation of the forest.

We respect the deadlines and quality requested by the customer.

Our most important customers:

  • The royal palace of Morocco;
  • The royal family of Kuweit;
  • Palais La Mamounia Hotel(one of the most prestigious hotels in Morocco);
  • Relais & Châteaux